1987's "Savage" album was avant-garde enough to alienate most of
the mainstream record-buying public, but ironically it was the favorite
album of critics and fans alike.  The album is a dark and desperate
examination of failed love and also one of Eurythmics finest musical
moments.  The music finds the duo returning to its electronic roots
and features a video trilogy composed of the songs
Beethoven, I
Need A Man
and You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart.  Annie Lennox
goes from angry housewife to nightclub tramp to love-scarred
survivor in a series of unforgettable images.  Working with acclaimed
video director Sophie Muller (Blur, No Doubt, Weezer), Eurythmics
once again transcend the possibilities of the medium by creating a
collection of edgy, sophisticated videos with adult themes that to this
day still stand as some of the most ground-breaking video work of
the 1980's.  Eurythmics released a home video compilation also
Savage which features videos for all 12 tracks on the album.

here to see a short interview with Dave Stewart on the ideas
Beethoven (I Love to Listen To) - 1987
The video for Beethoven begins with
Annie Lennox as a neglected housewife,
doing her household chores, and
contemplating her disintegrating
relationship.  Conflicting emotions come
together and her anger gets the better
of her.  She rebels by trashing the
apartment she has just meticulously
cleaned.  Dolled up like an over-the-top
tart, she leaves her domestic prison in
search of emotional and physical

Directed by Sophie Muller
I Need A Man - 1987
Annie Lennox's character ends up at a
darkly-lit nightclub in the second video of
the trilogy,
I Need A Man.  Here she is
parodying what men find attractive in
women, trapped in the brash light of
director Sophie Muller's home movie.  
Annie's character spells out everything
she's not looking for in a man - "and he
don't wear a dress."  The imagery
parallels the lyrics and the irony of
close-cropped Annie Lennox (known for
her early androgynous looks) wearing a
wig, and resembling a man pretending to
be a woman can't be ignored.  This video
was nominated for Best Group Video at
the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards.  Click
here to watch the original awards show
nomination video.

Directed by Sophie Muller
You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart - 1987
In the final video of the trilogy, You Have
Placed A Chill In My Heart
, Annie Lennox's
love-scarred character is examined
before and after her relationship
disintegrates.  Cutting back and forth
between her former life and her current
life, the character goes through its
odyssey of self-loathing, hate and
healing before finally finding true love,
and hopefully redemption, at the end.  A
Best Director nomination for Sophie
Muller at the 1988 MTV Video Music
Awards capped this ground-breaking

Directed by Sophie Muller
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